ImageShort suits are the ultimate effortlessly put-together outfit this spring and summer. They kind of contradict themselves- professional yet carefree; feminine & androgynous; eye-catching but minimal.

Baring some leg has never been more modern. From the dreamy, draping suits fit for everything from brunch to a night out (shown above), to menswear-inspired  sharply tailored silhouettes, seen on the Carven runway, the verdict is in, and short suits are a major trend this season.

Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on a short suit (or two). It’s polished, pretty, and so easy to style- since the blazer and shorts come together, there’s not much to think about. What do you think about short suits?





Topshop Maxi Skirt | Brandy Melville Pocket Tee | Jeffrey Campbell Wedges

Today was pretty good (and yes, this pictures are from today. I feel very punctual). I had a P.A. day, so I got to catch up on some much-needed sleep, then go downtown for a bit shopping and lunch/brunch with my mom.

Speaking of that- this was quite possibly the best brunch I have had in my entire life! We were both literally on cloud nine; the food was perfection. My mother and I ordered the same thing, which was basically poached eggs, fresh smoked salmon, sauteed baby mushrooms, sprouts, and roasted tomatoes, all on top of a big, thin slice of spongy  Poilane bread. It was deliciously filling, but not to the point of feeling stuffed. For dessert we got a chocolate brownie cake/chocolate/mousse with salted caramel crunch ice cream and peanut butter brittle. It was all so amazing.

Anyways, that was my day. Sorry for spending so long gushing over my meal, but it was literally the best thing ever. My outfit was simple and comfortable- it was my first time wearing a maxi skirt so I played it safe. Hope you enjoyed this post, and if you haven’t already, follow me on Instagram @thestyletrials! If you check my ‘follow’ page you can find links to my bloglovin’, tumblr, polyvore, etc.



C&C California Sweater | Current/Elliott Jeans | Booties 

I am so excited to be posting this and joining the online fashion community, and if you are reading this then I’d like you know I really appreciate it. I have been completely head over heels with fashion for as long as I can remember, and it is truly a passion of mine. I have wanted to do this for so long-I can’t believe that this is finally happening, here as I write my first post. I have a small addiction to shopping, specifically during end-of-season clearance. Case in point: my $25 cashmere blend sweater and $90 Stiletto jeans.  

I have told myself countless times, ‘today is the day I will post my first outfit, today is the day I will start a fashion blog’. But, of course, there was always an issue with whatever the day was- my hair was messy, my outfit wasn’t nice enough, I didn’t have the camera set up, etc. My first post had to be perfect. 

Today, I realized that there will never will be a perfect day for blogging. So this really was the best option. As Picasso said, “Action is the foundational key to all success”. This is a pretty classy outfit for a fifteen-year-old girl living in the ‘burbs, but I don’t think being described as ‘classy’ is ever a bad thing. Nevertheless, I think it was appropriately blog-worthy. Note: The fact that I got away with wearing suede booties in May is a little disheartening, but I just received these in the mail and I’m happy to get at least one use out of them before summer.

I am still figuring out the whole fashion-blogger-witty-yet-eloquent prose, I’m hoping this post doesn’t sound too all over the place. And I apologize for the picture quality- they were taken on my phone inside at probably the worst time of day for lighting. I promise this will improve soon.

If you have any feedback please let me know in the comments, and follow if you’d like to see more posts.


P.S. Did you get it? Cheetah pants? Like… cheater pants? I was trying to be funny.